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About Us

Advocacy Care Connection, LLC is a health care advocacy and concierge company that gives clients and their families the knowledge and the power to deal with whatever health care situations they’re facing. We assist. We’re by your side. We give our clients and their families the peace of mind that a trusted advocate is watching out for their loved one’s best interests. We help families communicate with health care providers, assure access to health care, and reduce their fear. With the complexities of today’s health care system, many are hiring an advocate. It is our obligation to assist you in navigating the health care maze. Justifying the cost is easy…We don’t hesitate to spend money on a golf membership, a fitness membership or a Sam’s Club or Costco membership. Don’t you think its time to put your healthcare at the top of your membership list? Your health and well-being is priceless. Having an advocate can actually save you money.

Why Patient Advocacy


Advocates offer

Advocates offer a wide range of services from accompanying clients to the doctor, to sitting by the bedside in the hospital, to reviewing and negotiating medical bills, and everything in between. The benefits to both clients and caregivers are many: peace of mind, and the ability to put patient efforts into healing, and supporting a loved one all while knowing a professional is handling the crucial medical details.

  • Explaining how and why tests are done.

  • Helping you understand complicated test results

  • Interpreting medical terms in a way that makes sense to you

  • Reducing confusion about your plan of care

  • Connecting you to needed services

  • Providing you with information regarding conditions and treatments

  • Helping to control your health care costs by reviewing your insurance bills.

  • Listening and caring for you in a time of need.

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