I don’t know HOW I would have gotten through this without your guidance

Advocacy Care Connection’s team is privileged to have served as the compassionate, personal healthcare advocate for the following select clients:

Client 1

Brought in by a concerned family member, Advocacy Care Connection navigated the healthcare system for a 35 year old male who went un-diagnosed for almost a year and struggled to meet activities of daily living. We coordinated his trip to the Cleveland Clinic where he was finally diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy. We were able to coordinate his follow up care and educate the patient and his family on this condition and its treatment.

Client 2

Received an emergency phone call from a physician and his wife needing assistance with their 83 year old father. Client was evaluated and taken to ER where he was diagnosed with urosepsis and admitted for IV antibiotics and fluids. The patients family was 1 ½ hours away and unable to get to the patient. The client’s medical condition, labs, and medications were evaluated for appropriateness. The family was immediately notified of results. Advocacy Care Connection assured client was safely admitted to the hospital. Advocacy Care Connection was the eyes and ears for this frail patient and gave the family peace of mind that Advocacy Care Connection was there for him, assisting in his service plan.

You were my angel

Client 3

Engaged by a family to evaluate a client at home due to continued illness after a visit to the Emergency Room. We were ask to review the clients Emergency Room Record and medications given when she visited the Emergency Room for a severe throat infection. After review of the clients medical record it was revealed that the patient was sent home with medication that was labeled for another patient. Advocacy Care Connection assured follow up with client’s personal physician, hospital and arranged specialty referral.

Client 4

Assisted an 86 year old frail patient with the arrangement of home health services, assisted in the delivery of medical equipment, medication review and physician research. The patient’s son lives in another state and needed the peace of mind that his mother was getting the care she needed. Advocacy Care Connection gave him that peace of mind.